About Keith Dorney

I’ve taught thousands how to optimally invest money, manage benefits, plan for retirement, and build wealth. Starting anew in 2023, I’m now devoted to passing along that knowledge on a much broader scale. If you want to be a more effective money manager, I’ll teach you too!

Besides KeithDorney.com and my free Best Money Newsletter, I publish financial planning-related books on a variety of subjects, including Roth investing, money management, and estate planning. E-book, paperback, and audio formats are available. Check them out at my Amazon Author Page.

Long ago, I was a 2-time all-American, and the 10th player picked in the NFL draft. I quickly realized those slick agents and financial advisors soliciting my business did not have my best interests at heart. After witnessing colleague after colleague getting ripped off, I started preaching basic money management principles to anyone in the locker room who would listen. That was, of course, between smashing into opponents head-on or defending our quarterback from assault, which is what I did for a living as a 300-pound plus offensive tackle.

It was those nine years with the Detroit Lions where my passion for helping others with their personal finances grew. I negotiated my own contracts and provided those services to a few of my teammates who got what I was saying, saving us thousands. At age 30, I moved on from the NFL to realize my true calling as a financial author and teacher. I earned my MAT from the University of San Francisco and attained Certified Financial Planner® status while teaching high school English before a decades-long career as a financial planner and corporate trainer.

My wife Katherine and I settled in Sonoma County, California, where we raised our two kids and still reside. When not teaching and writing, I enjoy hanging out in the garden and spending time with family and friends.


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